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What Are the Benefits of Joining The Angel Group?

What You Will Learn on Our Page

  • What are the benefits of joining an angel group?
  • What is the investment process?
  • What are our requirements to become a member?
  • What services do we provide to our members?
  • How to become a member of the club?

What You Will Learn on Our Page

  • Are we right for you?
  • Are you ready for an angel investment?
  • What are the investment requirements?
  • How to apply for funding?

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Is Bulgarian Angels Club Right For You?

"Angel" Book

How to invest in technology startups - invaluable advice from an angel investor

What You Will Learn in the Book

  • Who is Jason Calacanis?
  • What is the invaluable advice of an angel investor who turned $ 100,000 into $ 100,000,000?


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CEO Angels Club investments and Portfolio Companies

In what companies do we invest in? What's our criteria and decision makinf process? In what stage and sectors are the companies?
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