Bulgarian Angels Club – a way forward

Welcome to the heartbeat of innovation in Bulgaria – the CEO Angels Club which is now becoming the Bulgarian Angels Club. Born out of the collective vision of entrepreneurs, this exclusive club is not just an investment group; it’s a dynamic force propelling early-stage startups toward success. In this blog, we’ll dive into the essence of the Club, exploring its mission, values, and the remarkable impact it has made on the startup ecosystem in Bulgaria

We are working towards institutionalizing our work and establishing ourselves as THE business angels network of Bulgaria. We address the realities of our industry – our community includes not only managing directors, but also senior/mid level managers, entrepreneurs, venture capital funds and others.

The new name is accompanied by a visual rebranding led by Desislava Sredkova, founder of Awblak Design Studio, a multidisciplinary design studio. The new logo mark* combines an angel silhouette with the Rosetta of Pliska, a Bulgarian artifact associated with planets and cosmic powers. The visual identity is bold and minimalistic.

*Bulgarian Angels Club kindly reminds you to always read the fine print 🔎

Fueling Innovation with Strategic Investments

The investment strategy of the Bulgarian Angels Club is centred around high-potential startups that exhibit exceptional scalability and the ability to achieve significant milestones within a specific timeframe. They look for teams that possess deep domain expertise, innovative products or services, and a well-defined path to success.

In general, the Club invests in seed-stage or post-accelerator startups that have already gained a foothold in the market or are approaching the beta launch phase. Club’s investments provide the necessary capital to fuel growth, accelerate product development, and increase market penetration.

A Network of Expertise and Experience

The Bulgarian Angels Club brings together a diverse group of individuals, each possessing a wealth of knowledge and expertise gained from years of experience in the corporate world. Their collective experience spans a wide range of industries, encompassing business strategy, market analysis, leadership, and technical expertise. This comprehensive knowledge base allows the club to provide tailored guidance and support to startups in various stages of development.

Beyond Finance, Proactive Mentorship

Beyond financial support, members of the Club might offer a wealth of mentorship and guidance to its portfolio companies. The club’s members actively engage with startups, providing strategic advice, sharing industry insights, and connecting them with valuable networks.

A Catalyst for Innovation in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Angels Cub is an essential player in the development of Bulgaria’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. It offers valuable support and expertise to emerging startups, contributing to the growth of numerous successful ventures. The Club’s investments and mentorship have driven innovation and economic growth throughout the country.

Notable Achievements

  • €2.7 Million Overall Investment

the Bulgarian Angels Club has cumulatively invested over €2.7 million in early-stage startups, fostering their growth and potential for success.

  • €500k Investment in 2023

This year, the club has made investments totaling €500k, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to supporting promising startups.

  • 31 New Members: The club continues to expand its network of experienced entrepreneurs and senior executives, bringing in fresh perspectives and expertise.
  • 16 Events Organized: The club hosts regular events, including pitch competitions, networking sessions, and mentorship programs, providing valuable opportunities for startups to connect, learn, and grow.
  • €115k EUR Biggest Investment.
  • 2 New Chapters: The club has expanded its reach by establishing new chapters in Varna and the USA, further strengthening its presence in the Bulgarian entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • 14 Deals Made: The club has successfully facilitated 14 deals between startups and investors, demonstrating its ability to connect promising ventures with the resources they need to thrive.

Stay tuned for more news.