CEO Angels Club investments and Portfolio Companies

CEO Angels Club Investments and Portfolio Companies

Portfolio / 03.03.2022

Everyone has an idea now or then that one thinks will break new grounds in business and bring money. But is everyone ready to take on the responsibility to start a business, ask for outside investments, and keep with the promised targets? That is why we at the CEO Angels club have a very strict screening process to protect our investors’ time and money, as well as the high status of the club.

Making the choice

CEO Angels Club looks for early-stage, normally post-accelerator startups that are highly scalable and that can show us how the company will get to break-even or a clear meaningful milestone (e.g.Seed or Series A.Funding) within 12-24 months based on our one-time investment. This typically means smaller teams (2 to 5 people), with serious domain expertise and a product that is either currently in the market or already in beta. 

Should you wish to apply your business for an investment opportunity, there is a detailed checklist.

Our investments